A simple way to share files is by using a FREE file sharing program called Drop Box. Here is a PDF how to sheet.

external image pdf.png Drop Box-Getting Started.pdf
external image pdf.png Drop Box-How To.pdf

Here is the link to sign up for your account to begin sharing with your team.

Dropittome is a great resource that allows students to upload files to your dropbox account without them seeing the contents of your account.
Another great resource for file sharing is Flickr. You can create a free account and upload your photos. You can make the photos public or your and make the photo set private and only share it with members you invite. This will be a great way to share grade level photos with your team.

Make sure you write down your username and password so you will remember how to access your account.


Share the Smiles in Your Classroom

The Smilebox Teacher’s Toolbox program is a teacher’s digital companion for creative classroom communication.
Teacher’s Toolbox gives teachers at all grade levels an easy and creative way to safely share photos, videos, and classroom updates to students and parents.
Smilebox is perfect for:
  • parent newsletters and updates
  • overviews of teaching units for at-home learning and modeling
  • award and merit certificates
  • performance and field trip scrapbooks
  • classroom activity slideshows
  • end-of-year photo albums and yearbooks
  • much, much more


Share Videos with VIMEO
Join Vimeo

Social networking with Students and Teachers- Edmodo
This is a secure social learning network for educators and students. Great for classroom use and communicating with students outside of the classroom. There is also an app for your ipad or itouch device.
Join Edmodo

Fotobabble- Need a booktrailer for younger students? Here is your tool!
Talking photos that are simple to make and kids will love!
Sign up for Fotobabble
How to make a Fotobabble online video

Google Resources

Google Docs
How to use Google Docs
Google Docs for Educators

**Google Forms Tutoria**l
Google form tutorial